Become THE Standout Speaker.

It’s your turn to own the Stage.


Know WHAT to talk about and HOW to monetize it.


THE Standout Speaker.

It’s your turn to own the Stage


Know WHAT to talk about and HOW to monetize it.

You know you’ve got a story to share and you can see yourself up on that big stage.

But why does it feel impossible? When you start thinking about what the topic of your talk would be, thoughts creep in…

  • “I don’t know where to begin. I’m so overwhelmed.”
  • “What should I talk about?”
  • “Wow, I know I’m going to be nervous!”
  • “Why would they pick me?”
  • “How can I make money or grow my business with my talks?”

I hear you.

You’re intelligent, you’re gifted, and you know you have the ability to CHANGE or even SAVE someone’s life through your talk.

Now you just have to figure out how to get from where you are now to actually delivering your big talk.

Take a glimpse into your near future when:


  • You have the “AHA!” moment where you’ve identified and written your first, second or even tenth talk.
  • You receive that first payout from a speaking gig.
  • You stand on that stage hearing the applause from the audience.
  • You get a message saying that your talk has changed someone’s life.
  • You realize that you are creating the impact that you’ve desired for so long.
  • Your business is thriving from having another revenue stream.
  • Your ideal clients are finding YOU!

No matter where you are in your speaking career, chances are you’re ready to create MORE.


More Impact. More Money. More Clients. More Stages.

And what’s the secret to creating more?
Creating and Delivering Your Big Talk!

The one that you carefully crafted and practiced with guidance from someone who has created so many successful speakers using a speaking technique that has put people on hundreds of stages, including countless TEDx stages!

Farnoosh Torabi

America’s leading personal finance expert, creator of the “So Money” podcast, 
financial columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

“Tricia is where public speaking and business meet!”

If you want to speak on the biggest stages (and make great money doing it) you need to work with Tricia Brouk!”


Hi, I’m Tricia Brouk

Award winning director, curator of The Speaker Salon in NYC and executive producer of Speakers Who Dare. 

My ground-breaking Speaker Salon has helped hundreds of speakers book international speaking engagements, TEDx Talks, and land top speaker bureaus alongside notable speakers like Mel Robbins and Barbara Corcoran. 

The Speaker Salon is one of the world’s leading speaker trainings and I know that not everyone can make the commute to NYC so I’ve made it accessible online to everyone wanting to up their speaking game. 


    A Virtual 12-Week Certification Program For Experts, Coaches and Authors Who Want to Grow Their Impact and Their Bottom Line


    Here’s what you get when you join The Big Talk Academy:


    • Uncover the topic for YOUR big talk
    • Confidence in writing and delivering a talk that speaks to your audience
    • Direct support from Tricia on our bi-monthly group calls where you get to ask her anything
    • Access to the Virtual Showcase where Tricia gives you feedback on the performance of your big talk and directs you in real time. (Advanced sign up is required) .
    • Access to A Private Facebook Group – In Tricia’s community, you may be alone on stage, but you are never by yourself.
    • A Certificate of Achievement from The Big Talk Academy – Become a Stand Out Speaker.

    Go from “where do I start” to 

    Rocking the Stage

    in just 12 weeks!

    Speaker Success Stories

    Here’s What You’ll Learn in

    The Big Talk Academy:


    Week 1


    In order to set you up for success, with the help of hypnotherapy we are going to look fear directly in the face by increasing your confidence and learning to love public speaking, because it’s not about you. You have an important message to share when you share it, you have the impact you desire to have in the world. 

    Week 2 and 3

    Idea mining

    Tricia takes you on a journey of identifying 100 ideas. With her guidance and support, you will unleash and identify ideas you had not even thought possible. 

    Week 4


    This week you will be given prompts and the support you need to begin writing your big talk.

    Week 5


    The Art of the Big Talk with Tricia Brouk
    Learn the difference between a keynote and a TEDx, and what you should never do from stage.

    Week 6


    Learn the techniques Tricia teaches her actors and speakers, so you can be captivating every time you take the stage.

    Week 7


    Learn how to rehearse, with the proven techniques Tricia has used for decades,  so you sound conversational every time.

    Week 8

    Writing a compelling opening

    Learn how to write your opening so that your audience leans in everytime.

    Week 9

    An opening and an introduction

    Learn how to transform your opening into the introduction of your big talk.

    Week 10

    Writing a compelling closing

    Learn how to write a mic drop worthy ending every time.

    Week 11


    Learn the perfect pitch skills, so that you can get yourself booked onto stages with your new talk.

    Week 12

    High-Performance masterclass

    Become even more productive with Tricia’s tips and tricks and to help prepare you for the virtual showcase.

    Own Your Big Talk 

    Get the support to create your talk and book stages with ease!

    “I landed 2 6-figure consulting contracts from my work with Tricia and The Speaker Salon.”

    Mari Carmen Pizarro
    Executive Leadership Coach

    Mike Shereck
    Author and speaker 

    “Working with Tricia was unlike anything I have ever experience. Her method and process allowed me to tap into areas of me, that I was previously unable to articulate. This unique process is allowed me to cut through any fear, any doubt, or any arrogance that I possessed and tap into that part of me, that at first I did not want to. The result, of course changed my approach to writing, and speaking, and more importantly it impacted me. I don’t think it is too big a stretch to say my life has been impacted forever. If you know in your heart, there is something you have to share, and you are having any challenge in bringing it forth, Tricia is the person who without any doubt can support you to create that.”

    Jason Harris
    CEO, Mekanism

    Working with Tricia has enabled me to think about speaking in an entirely fresh way. Her methods in the art of the big talk changed my approach to writing and speaking. Being vulnerable and radically honest with the audience, creates powerful and memorable presentations. I will be applying this process in all my future talks.


    Today and Start Your Journey
    from Street to Stage in Just 12 Weeks.


    One-Time Payment

    of $3997


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    of $1597

    ExpireS Sept 11th
    at 11:59pm EST

    Special Offer


    The Big Talk Academy Guarantee

    I stand 100% behind this offer and it’s been PROVEN to get the speakers who study with me, onto the big stages. That’s why all sales are final, and we have a no money back policy. 

    If you dream of making an impact on the world, you owe it to yourself to join The Big Talk Academy!

    I’ve witnessed Speakers walk on stage one way, and walk off another over and over again. Becoming the best speaker you can be? It’s not just something you do for your audience, or your business.

    And if you have that message, that story to tell… I can guarantee that you’ll discover the speaker you are meant to be within this 12 week journey. I will personally help to bring out all the deeply moving and inspiring magic inside of your heart that’s been waiting to be released.

    It’s something life-changing you do for you!

    And if you have that message, that story to tell… I can guarantee that you’ll discover the speaker you are meant to be within this 12 week journey. I will personally help to bring out all the deeply moving and inspiring magic inside of your heart that’s been waiting to be released.

    Let’s set it free. Let’s set you free.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Will this course help me make money from speaking?
    Oh yeah… many of my clients land gigs that put them right in front of thousands of qualified leads: to clients, profitable partnerships and business opportunities. Like my client Mari Carmen Pizarro. Through studying my technique, and becoming an expert communicator, she landed two, 6-figure consulting jobs within weeks.

    Will I have time to make the most of this program?
    Yes! First of all, this program will save you so much time. Instead of figuring things out through painstakingly slow trial and error, you’ll skip all the way to being a fully booked pro speaker. Secondly, this information is shared in bite size lessons, so you can schedule it into your busy day. And in just 12 weeks, receive your certification of achievement from The Big Talk Academy.

    I don’t have a signature talk, is that a problem?!
    Nope! The Big Talk Academy is going to help you create your signature talk.

    Will this make me a more successful speaker?
    Absolutely! The Speaker Salon in New York City has proven success rates and I cannot wait to share this process with you, without you’re having to commute!
    Can I take this program next round?
    Yes, but the next enrollment won’t be for months. And if you join The Big Talk Academy now, you’ll have the opportunity to join the community ongoing, for continued access to Tricia, her virtual showcases and an extensive resource library.

    It’s Your Turn to
    Take the Stage


    If you’ve just started thinking about speaking or you’re a veteran speaker who’s tired of doing this alone.

    Please note that by signing up for The Big Talk Academy, the participant represents and warrants that the payment does not cause the participant financial hardship and the participant can bear the economic risk.

    This is an incredible opportunity for you to become certified in a speaking technique that has proven results.


    • Speakers who have studied with Tricia have a 100% booking rate
    • They have taken TEDx stages.
    • They are now represented by the same bureaus who represent, Mel Robbins, Rachel Hollis and Barbara Corcoran.
    • They have formed a deeply supportive community by going through the process together.
    • Access to The Big Talk Academy Resource library, including masterclasses, resources, and educational tools from experts in the field of visibility, networking, speaking, public relations, high performance, branding, podcasting, leadership and more.


    • Walk away with a talk that you could deliver tomorrow.
    • Pitch your talk (and future talks) masterfully to organizers, editors and producers.
    • Leave with a fine-tuned product (your talk) that will support your business and elevate you as a speaker primed and ready to take the stage.
    • Clarity around a Keynote versus a TEDx talk. You can now write both.
    • Become a captivating speaker because you will master the art of performance.
    • Transform from fear and self-doubt to “I can write this talk” and “I can take a stage”.
    • Talk about your ideas in a way that’s clear, concise, courageous and stands out from the crowd.
    • Master rehearsal techniques (including memorization!) so you never feel unprepared again when it comes to taking the stage.

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